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About Graphic Management Partners
Over the past 20-30 years numerous corporations, colleges, institutions and governmental entities have decided that they should equip, man and operate their own print shop as a means of lowering their costs of obtaining printed materials.  Back then after they made the initial capital investment in a four color press and all the support systems, some of them may have seen some savings if they really were high volume users of a limited variety of pieces. Even then their Purchasing Department was tasked with bidding out the remaining printwork that their in-house shop could not economically produce. 

Over the past 5 years however given the rapid introduction of new printing technologies and the ever-changing updates in older software/workflow offerings, most captive print shops are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with all the latest printing techniques. When you factor in the need for exact color matching in support of Brand Management, quick turn-arounds on unexpected orders and staying on top of paper costs, marketing products, and US Post Office regulations the task becomes overwhelming.   

Introducing Graphic Management Partners.
By eliminating your in-house print shop and allowing a highly experienced GMP print professional assigned exclusively to your organization M-F, from 8AM-5PM to handle all aspects of your graphic communication needs, you will be freeing up your assets (people, time and money) to focus on your core competencies.  This even includes the management of your copier fleet if you wish. Higher quality printwork, delivered on time, with 40 hours/week of immediate, dedicated expertise and all the while saving significantly on your annual print spend!
Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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